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EDTA Chelation and Krill Oil Promote:
  • Increased Circulation
  • Normalized
    Blood Pressure
  • Normalized
    Cholesterol Levels
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Increased Energy
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Chelation Therapy Information > Oral EDTA Chelation Therapy Program Brochure

Our EDTA Oral chelation therapy brochure ships with our EDTA Chelation Therapy Products. Following the Recommended Dosages and Guidelines will insure that you receive the most benefit from a Cardio Renew EDTA Chelation Therapy Program. Click on the link below to view and print the Cardio Renew Oral Chelation Therapy Brochure.

<<Download our Oral Chelation Therapy brochure>>

To view Cardio Renew's Oral Chelation Therapy Brochure, you'll need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. Click here or on the logo to the right to download the free reader.

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